I’m a researcher exploring domains of Artificial Intelligence. My research interests include computer vision, adversarial machine learning, and representation learning. My primary focus is to build systems that offer true disentangled abstraction of human intelligence. Recently, I have been involved in cutting-edge research in 3D vision, Scene understanding, and Neuroscience.

I have worked on diverse areas of AI ranging from 3D vision, keyword spotting, multimodal and multitask learning to object detection and segmentation.

Currently, I’m working as AI scientist at qure.ai where we are applying novel deep learning on medical data. The goal is to make healthcare affordable and effective.

I have collaborated with top researcher in their field like Prof. Mohamed H. Elhoseiny (3D Vision, Creative Computing, Continual Learning, NLP), Prof. Peter Wonka (Computer Graphics, 3D Vision), Dr. Aakanksha Chowdhery (Efficient AI, Large Models, Edge Computing), Dr. Jason Tarpley (Neuroscience, Surgery), Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian (Neuroscience, Surgery).

About - Ujjwal Upadhyay